Anavar Cycle – Anvarol Results, Benefits and Side Effects! [2020]

Anavar Oxandrolone is a very famous steroid that helps you get a ripped and perfect beach body.

This article is mainly about the results you can get from if you perform just Anavar only cycle.

Anavar Cycle

The basic principles of Anavar are same as Clen because it helps you get rid of the excess fat mass and develop muscles fully protein based.

You can bring many positive changes in your body if you turn down to the Anavar Cycle but unfortunately, like many other steroidal compounds it is highly illegal and banned in almost every country across the world.

How Does Anavar Work?

Anavar takes advantage of the extra fat cells of your body and consumes them potentially as an energy reservoir.

The compound also exhibits some remarkable effects which result in a trimmed and chiseled beachbody you have ever dreamed of.

Anavar basically works on 3 main principles.

1. Enhance Nitrogen Retention:

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and Nitrogen is a fundamental element of amino acid.

Excess of nitrogen retention can stimulate protein metabolism, which develops 100% pure lean muscle mass.

2. Increase Creatine Phosphate:

Anavar gets your energy level double if you are already feeling very low.

It boosts the amount of energy by unlocking creatine phosphate, a supercharging element that enhances strength, endurance level, and overall stamina.

It won’t be only at the gym, you’d feel full of energy.

3. Enhance Bone Mineral Density:

Stronger body with weaker bones is an imperfect combination; Anavar gets your bones stronger by increasing the uptake of essential minerals.

Anavar Cycle

Anavar cycle, according to many bodybuilders and fitness experts is a standalone cycle that gets you maximum benefits.

Anavar only Cycle for men and women
Anavar only Cycle

For an average individual, the normal dose of Anavar starts from 50 mg and it can reach up to 80 mg for consecutive 6 weeks.

The former dose is for newly joined individuals who are taking Anavar for the very first time.

You can Stack with Clen and Trenbolone for Lean Muscle.

But that also depends on the size of your physique, by measuring your height and weight you can get your BMI, if it’s above 20 then the dose of 70 mg should be your start.

After six weeks there are two more weeks left where you will design certain changes.

At the 7th week you will lower the dose of Anavar to 70 mg and at the start of eight weeks, you will further minimize the dose.

Then comes a 5-week break where you can use another supplement as per direct by your trainer.

Note: Anavar must be taken with food. On an empty stomach, it will cause stomach distress as a result of improper absorption.

Anavar Results Upon Anavar Cycle Only!

It has been noted in many cases that Anavar successfully induced complete body transformation upon a complete cycle.

This results in fat-free ripped and lean physique which every man demands these days.

Here are the results from Anavar cycle gathered by multiple users and we put these results altogether.

Anavar Cycle Results

Anavar cycle results
Anavar for men and women

1st Week: First of all, your energy supply increase dramatically and you feel less bloated. That is because of the loss of an excess of water that has been stored in your body.

2nd Week: As your energy supply increases, that will affect your workout skills. You will lose more fats and gain more strengthened that will allow you to lift more weights.

4th Week: This is the time where you will see a remarkable occurrence of lean muscle synthesis. Your empty body locations will be replaced from fat-free muscle mass as you lift the maximum amount of weights in each rep. Your performance will be utterly enhanced!

6th to 8th Weeks: The final phase will work on your body by making it stronger and harder. The muscle definition on your physique will look like a sculpted piece of art, and whoever sees you will continue seeing for about a minute.

Approximately, every 2 in 3 individuals experienced these effects upon Anavar cycle with the below conditions applied.

  • You need to manage a strict diet plan where any consumption of fatty item is prohibited.
  • An exercise regimen that is meant for creating pressure in the abdominal region is mandatory.
  • Be patient!

Anavar Cycle for Women

When it comes to using Anavar by women, it is quite easier since they have fewer amounts of fats preserved in their body.

Women are more inclined towards the natural alternative i.e. ANVAROL which is why you see them flaunting their ripped and sleek physique all over the internet.

anavar cycle for women
Anavar for women

The formula of Anavar is completely safe for women, especially those who want to lose weight and gain strength.

Anavar is not amongst the purest form of natural steroids so there won’t be much harm done to the women with the disturbed hormonal system.

Nevertheless, you should always consult a physician if you have any premedical conditions that might exacerbate upon steroid use.

Possible Anavar Side Effects

No matter how many benefits Anavar can deliver, but in the end, the chemical structure of the compound matters a lot.

We all know the long-term steroid use can invite some potential side effects to which quitting would be the only option.

These are where Legal Alternatives comes to the fore, but before that let’s discuss the possible side effects of Anavar.

1. It’s a Supporter of Bad Cholesterol

Biochemistry lesson 101, LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) is renowned as bad cholesterol by HDL is considered good for human health. Excessive use of Anavar can increase the level of LDL, which later deposit excessive amount of fats into the arteries and causes cardiovascular complications.

2. Inhibits Testosterone Production

This effect was observed in some people who have already depleted T-Level before. Suppressing testosterone production can result in weight gain, libido loss and other alteration of manly features.

3. Cause Liver Toxicity

Anavar is metabolized in Liver which is why it is prone to the maximum side effects. Taking Anavar in high dose for a prolonged time period can cause failure in liver functions and in some cases, it causes liver cirrhosis.

4. Cause Hypertension

High blood pressure and high cholesterol level are associated with each other. Use of Anavar is proven to enhance your blood pressure, which can be utilized at the gym but that’s not the case always. High blood pressure for a continuous time period can cause a stroke, cardiac arrest and other harmful scenarios.

Legal Alternative of Anavar – Without Side Effects

What if we told you there are now legal steroids available which do the same function with 0 occurrences of side effects?

Well, that’s a real thing, but if you are comparing the effects of steroids with the natural compound then you are mistaken.

Anabolic steroids like Anavar androgenic substance that gets you physically enhanced, but in doing so it affects greatly your vital organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys.

Risking your life over attaining a good physique isn’t fair, and with the help of latest scientific inventions, you can now get side-effects-free supplements.

Anvarol – Legal, Safer and Effective Alternative of Anavar

Anvarol was voted the best Anavar legal alternate for its maximum benefits.

Buy Anvarol
Buy Anavar online

There are many natural supplements available on the market, but they all lack in somewhere.

See Complete detailed Anvarol review Here for more information about legal alternative to Anavar Steroids.

One of the great things about Anvarol that it is a creation of Crazy Bulk which is endured for its high premium grade supplements.

Their customer reviews on each supplement are impressive which is why we recommend it for every user keen for Anavar Cycle.

The mode of action of these legal steroids is simple, they mimic the effects of steroid and put no pressure on your body organs.

A complete body transformation is guaranteed if you use it as per directed by the manufacturer.

What Anvarol Can Do?

Anvarol is mainly designed as cutting stack that is suitable for men and women.

Some of the benefits of Anvarol according to the customers are:

  • Complete fat obliteration
  • The increment in power and strength
  • No need for needles
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Enhance muscle power, density, and size
  • Free shipping
  • Affordable price
  • Best alternative to those who want “Beach Body” within 3 months.


If you are willing to perform the Anavar Cycle, we will approach you to seek the natural alternative.

In that case, Anvarol is our number one choice because of its high ratings by almost every customer who tried it.

Do not forget to see the before and after results of individuals with Anvarol Cycle which might ease your way to make up a decision.