Anavar Results Before and After – Should You Buy Anavar?

Many health blogs and WebPages are trying to deliver you as much information as you need to know about Anavar, a very powerful androgen steroid but first let us highlight why such need of using steroid comes.

The Need of Steroids in Real Life

Anavar Results
Anavar Before and After

Men and women around the world who have transformed their body in a unique way have given a huge amount of time in the gym.

In the field of bodybuilding not only you have to learn the basic workout techniques but also find an ideal form of supplement which suits your body systems and let it expand its size without alarming symptoms.

The secret in the chemical structure of steroids like Anavar does the same thing, but it’s not like it is completely free from the side effects.

This is why a large population is moving towards the legal steroids versions which basically do the same thing with their natural formula.

About Anavar – What Is It?

In a world of dangerous and lethal steroids, Anavar is relatively the safer one which has the formula called “Oxandrolone”.

The formula was created in 1962 by a group of scientists who were looking for a potent treatment for the muscle wasting syndrome.

Anavar side effects
Anavar (Oxandrolone 20mg)

Later on, the formula was altered, redesigned and available with several brand names like:

  • Protivar
  • Oxandrin
  • Lonavar

Anavar is a highly expensive steroid which was banned a decade ago because it was being abused by millions of people worldwide.

The reason Oxandrolone is available strictly on prescription is that its use is limited to an only a small population who are really in the need of this compound.

Anavar Availability

Anavar is not available if you don’t have a doctor’s prescription.

There is a rumor about the notorious manufacturer of Anavar, which are illegally making the formula under the UNAPPROVED facility with unknown names.

The efficiency of their formula is however not guaranteed thus should not be purchased for the health’s sake.

What is Anavar Cycle Good For?

The steroids are mainly classified into 3 types

  1. One that builds muscle mass
  2. One that reduces fat content
  3. One that does Both

Anavar comes in the 3rd category which works very unanimously in your system, leading to the synthesis of muscle mass and elimination of fat cells. Its ability to boost the metabolism is from where the effect of the fat reduction comes.

Anyone who is doing Anavar Cycle should expect these things for the starter.

1) Muscle Performance Enhancement

The anabolic effects of Anavar are surprisingly extraordinary which works by increasing the amount of RBC in your system.

RBC carries oxygen to different parts of muscles which makes them durable at the toughest times. During exercise, your ability to lift massive amounts of weight becomes heightened and recovery time also boosted.

This is why men and women on Anavar do not get hindered by muscle fatigue issue during their workout sessions.

2) Super-Strength

The rapid-acting formula “Oxandrolone” stimulate the muscle contraction period which allows you to be more powerful than ever.

Muscle expansion by Anavar is although a gradual process, but it surely is a better tool for strength purposes.

3) There are no Injections

Unlike many steroids available in IV or IM form, Anavar dosage should be taken with the oral route. Anavar tablets are the best alternative of illegal steroid injections, which causes pain at the site of injection later.

The same anabolic effect is achieved through the Anavar tablets for those men who are not okay with the injections.

4) Anavar Makes You Recover Faster

Personal reviews of Anavar indicate that it raises the amount of epinephrine in your body which makes you more responsive to the workout.

Fatigue during a workout is a common problem which lets us kill time at the gym, but that’s not the case with Anavar.

You will feel the same energy as you felt before coming to the gym.

5) Anavar is Ideal for Fat Reduction

Anavar as a fat burner is more effective than it works as a muscle builder because of which it is a highly preferred choice for women.

The formula of Anavar is the first choice when you are looking for the steroid to build strength and increase energy pool.

This applies to the bodybuilders who are freshly moving to the cutting phase for efficient fat obliteration.

Furthermore, many athletes and sportsmen were banned after using this synthetic drug for its magnificent effect of stamina elevation.

It is by far the SAFEST choice for WOMEN!

6) Anavar Has Low Plasma Concentration

Due to the aforementioned ability, it doesn’t stay for long in the blood, so less occurrence of the side effects.

Bodybuilders are rumored to use this steroid for short time effect and temporary energy enhancement.

This certainly did not change their muscle tone and made them safer to appear in the blood dope test.

Good Things About Anavar in a Nutshell

For an orally taken steroid, Anavar is simply too good for its rapid energy enhancing effects. The recovery time achieved by this steroid is remarkable and you can work on the 6-packs with a prediction of faster results.

But every powerful steroid comes with a price; if you are ready to pay the price then you may have the taste of aforementioned before and after Anavar results.

The price comes in the shape of SIDE EFFECTS which appears to be quite dangerous as we speak.

Anavar Side Effects

There is no doubt about the danger of steroids, unfortunately, Anavar is also amongst the steroids which are proven to be dangerous if used for a prolonged period of time.

Side Effects of Anavar
Anavar Side Effects

Also, the frequency of the side effects buys Anavar also varies from person to person, depending on their physiological system.

Some of the most common side effects of Anavar are:

1) Testicular Shrinkage

The size of male testes shouldn’t be enlarged either shrunk because that’s what called Testicular atrophy which is dangerous in either way. This side effect of Anavar directly targets men’s virility and their ability to perform sex.

The powerful androgenic effect of Anavar consumes all the Testosterone in your body generated by the testes and thus utilized them in energy gains and muscle development.

Once all the testosterone pool is consumed the testes lose their normal size and becomes smaller, this may risk your sexual life where many men reportedly couldn’t achieve an erection. Individuals after Anavar Cycle experienced loss of libido, muscle fatigue, and insomnia.

Solution: As a post cycle therapy, it is important to use a Testosterone booster with Anavar use.

2) Acne and Hair Loss

Exceeding amount of Testosterone in your body undoubtedly produce a high energy level but it also increases the formation of sebaceous glands on your skin after which severe acne formation occurs.

This also affects your hair growth as too much of Testosterone sometimes targets your hair follicles and making them fall at a faster rate.

Men and women who have baldness running in the family are more prone to this, but others may not experience this effect too soon.

3) Liver Impairment

Anavar has directly metabolized in your liver and because of its androgenic potency, it enlarges the liver tissues on a long-term use.

Once your liver cells are compromised there will be no management for blood detoxification neither the rapid management for prolongs coagulation and swellings.

Liver failure is the end result of Anavar Cycle but it very less likely to happen if you have done only one cycle of Anavar.

4) Enhanced Blood Cholesterol Level

You may reduce the massive amount of weight with Anavar cycle, but when it comes to the internal system you are going to get high blood cholesterol level.

Anavar promotes the retention of bad cholesterol LDL which stimulates the blockage of arteries and heart valves, clearly a dangerous sign.

Anavar also cause the following side effects on a mild degree

  • Insomnia
  • Infertility in men and women
  • Enlarged clitoris in women
  • Development of facial hair in women

Anvarol – Legal Anavar Steroids

There is no version of Legal Anavar but only the legal alternative. Here we are talking about the legal steroid like Anvarol which recently got the maximum endorsements by the users around the world.

According to many bodybuilding blog myths, the formula inside ANVAROL helps them experience, the same effects as Anavar, but only the intensity is mildly low therefore it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Buy Anvarol
Buy Anvarol

Really?  If you find such steroid with less or no side effects, there is no such good thing as using it right away!

You can learn more about Anvarol here.


This is a personal decision to make whether you should get Anavar in your hands and experience the nasty side effects.

Or you simply move to the legal alternatives with a moderate diet and exercise plan that may work slowly but hey, what’s better than the supplement without side effects?

Anvarol claims to supercharge your strength level and it’s a supplement of choice for the cutting phase, which reduces the fat percentage in an effective way.

Natural ingredients vs Anavar to which we should recommend choosing the first option.

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